The Man from Earth (2007)

I admire the acting/making of this movie. It was challenging, even insulting, to my intuition. I wanted to stop watching it, but couldn’t resist! What if a man from the upper paleolithic could have survived until the present time?

My only objection is that its highly intellectual dialogue doesn’t add to the plausibility of the case it is trying to make. So, even though I liked its provocative side, I still gave it 6/10, because it doesn’t deliver on the point which I believe should be the objective of every fiction movie: that a movie should make unbelievable believable.

The Man from Earth (2007)

The movie begins with Professor John Oldman packing his belongings onto his truck, preparing to move to a new home.

Director: Richard Schenkman

Writer: Jerome Bixby

Stars: David Lee Smith, Tony Todd and John Billingsley

via The Man from Earth (2007) – IMDb.


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